• Question: I want to see Maks cute ass in scrubs...haha...hope he gets well soon...he's got some things coming up in December ❤️❤️ - Anonymous
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    He’ll be okay lol I don’t think he would have done it now if it would have interfered with work commitments

    Plus, in the long run, it probably is best that he did get this taken care of so that he can participate in future events.

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The countdown begins….
Same place. Same time. 8pm this THURSDAY !

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I spy Colin Ferguson.

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Finally joined team iPhone!!! #thatTookForever

Oohhh the gold one! That’s the one I’m upgrading to!
Side question: did you get a case for it? That’s been my dilemma..

I ordered one online because it’s a quarter of the price as getting one at the store. They have a ton on Amazon that are really cute!

Welcome to iPhonelandia.
I have the 4s, but can’t wait to upgrade to a newer model. I’m anxious for LTE!

I hope you enjoy your new phone!

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  • Question: Agree, I found it telling that he added the word close. With the J.LO. rumors it's "We're friends. That's it." With Meryl it's always "If we are ever to be more." "It's ours and I love it, and it's going to stay that way." "Meryl and I stayed very close." and now it's "Meryl is a close friend and has become very important in my life." He basically wears his heart on his sleeve when speaking of Meryl. - Anonymous
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    Plus, his interaction with Meryl is incredibly intimate.

    I don’t just hang all over my friends when I’m with my friends. I’m not even kissing them.

    I still buy that they’re in the “courting stage,” and I really believe it would break Maks’ heart if it didn’t work out, do I think he’s taking his time with her - especially when considering how incredibly busy they both are - but, IMO, they’re not just friends.

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 'I Am an Incurable Romantic' :



This hoofer is kicking up his heels.

After winning the coveted mirror-ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars with Olympic gold medalist Meryl Davis earlier this year, Maksim Chmerkovskiyknew it was time to move on professionally, if not personally. 

"I am more than dancing," Chmerkovskiy, 34, told PEOPLE on Saturday at theAlfalit International Global Literacy Dinner in Miami, where he donated a private dance lesson for four. 

"I was a dancing pro on the show for about a decade, and I needed the trophy to show for it. But Meryl was part of that," he said. "And while I am doing other things, Meryl is a close friend and has become very important in my life. We have new projects together." 

Now studying to become an actor, expanding his Dance With Me Dance Studios – he recently opened his sixth location in Los Angeles and has 25 more on the drawing board – and designing his bold and masculine MAKSIM line of jewelry, the dancer and choreographer still finds time for sexy, sporty women. 

"I am a hopeless romantic who falls in lust and gets in trouble," he said. "I love my work and am very productive, yet I always find time to play." 

Talk of his rumored relationshipwith superstar performer Jennifer Lopez makes him smile. 

"Yes, she’s great, I have fun," he said without elaborating. "And while other names are out there … I am not a scumbag." 

And though Chmerkovskiy is missed by female fans of DWTS, he says he’s been too busy to decide if he will hang up hisDancing shoes forever. 

"I still watch the show, because it is part of me and will be 50 years from now," he said. "Winning was a huge portion of a big chunk of my life. I am not sure if I will return or in what capacity. Time will tell." 


See, this just tells me he’s taking his time with Meryl because, with her, he wants to get it right.

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my love for these two is endless

Me too, Kelly, me too…

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Okay, guys I have some good news (my nephew is getting married) and some bad news (I’ll be very busy the next few days).

I think I’ll be able to get a recap done tonight.  Probably.  But tomorrow through Sunday, there is probably no way to get recaps done.  

So, if anybody is interested in doing recaps (Notice I waited until you started posting for the day, Kendall)  just let me know :)

No bad news in you living your life!
Have fun…and thank you for all that you do for this little (big) Maksyl Fam!

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Just thought I would explain why I will not be around for a while.

On Sunday night my beautiful, intelligent, caring, kind, genuine friend was killed in a car accident. My littlest friend with the biggest heart and smile, the only friend I could make “how’s the weather down there” jokes with (even though she was only 1 or 2cm shorter than me). The most genuinely kind and honest person I have ever had the privilege of meeting and calling my friend. Someone who didn’t have a mean cell in her body and always had time for everyone and anyone, no matter who you were. She was the light in so many peoples’ lives. There are no words to describe how broken my heart and the hearts of countless others are right now.

All because a fucking idiot decided he couldn’t wait at a red traffic light for 2 minutes, my beautiful friend had to die in a horrific way. In that split second decision, he has managed to completely rip apart so many peoples’ lives.

Tammy, I still can’t believe you are gone. My mind and heart just don’t want to accept it. There is a tiny sense of justice knowing that they eventually caught the asshole who did this to you, but that doesn’t bring you back and it doesn’t fix anything. There is a huge gaping hole in our lives now that will never be filled again. Even though we are all still so extremely shocked and devastated, we know you would want us to only remember the good times. I have so many memories of all the shenanigans we got up to and I will cherish those forever. I only hope I can be half the person you were in your short (pardon the pun – I know you would appreciate that :P) 24 years on this earth. You are a beautiful angel in Heaven now, looking down on all of us and reminding us to smile at the little things and laugh every day. Until we meet again, love and miss you always ♥ ♥

P.S. to my fam on tumblr…please don’t ever jump a red traffic light. You might think that waiting at a red light is going to make you late, or whatever your reason, please just stop and wait. Those few minutes stopped at a red light are nothing compared to what could happen in the split second you decide to put your foot on the accelerator instead of the break. It’s just not worth potentially ruining the lives of countless people, including your own life.

I will see you guys in a few days, maybe weeks. I just can’t right now and I need to spend time with my family and friends. Love you all 

I’m so, so sorry for your loss!

I’m also sorry for your loss!
Take care. Stick close to loved ones.

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  • Question: If he is in Ohio, how in the world did he make it from Miami to Cleveland and never get spotted?! Goes to show you that he can go places without the world knowing! - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    He hardly ever gets spotted.

    Yup. My thoughts exactly.
    There’s so much going on that we don’t know.
    I can’t believe that he wouldn’t see her. He’s so close!

    …let’s see where she flies out of.

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