• Question: Meryl was a factor for opening a studio in LA? Really? First off, she lives in MI (obviously) so how that has anything to do with LA, beats me and secondly, not to burst anyone's bubble but they've been taking about opening a DWM in LA for years now. So, Meryl had nothing to do with it. - Anonymous
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    Whoa whoa whoa calm it down a little, I didn’t insinuate that she did. Maybe Maggie can clarify what she meant tomorrow, but until then I think it’s okay if we all relax and calm down a bit. Really all that matters is in a couple week Maks and the boys will be opening up another DWM studio and I hope it’s super successful..successful enough that they begin to open more up around the US.

    I have no idea how or if Maggie will clarify what she said or whether she feels she needs to. Nevertheless my interpretation is maybe Maks is in the stage of his relationship with Meryl that in his mind, he has started considering her now in some of his future life and business decisions he’s making and uses her as a sounding board and seeks her advice.
    I may be wrong but just typing this scenario makes me happy and gives me some good Maksyl feels.

    That’s how I interpreted the news.

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  • Question: This anon is getting annoying. Maks dated the KU for a short time. Clearly it didn't work out for a reason. Perhaps age was part of that. On WWHL he made it clear that going to young or too old was not for him. The woman we know he loved- Karina, and that is past tense, was actually a few years older than him. It is really not possible for him and Meryl to be together everyday right now due to commitments. People can go out with friends, even ones of the opposite sex. Maksyl is endgame. - Anonymous
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    It’s also not healthy (IMO) to constantly be attached at the hip with your significant other. If that would happen I think my bf would be dead by now (y’all I promise I’m kidding, but you get the point). Maksyl is the beginning, middle, and end (game(

    People just need to find what works for them. I thought I had, but I was wrong wish I could do everything over but can’t. There us no one answer. You just try to make your way through and be the best you can be. Keep trying and don’t end up a failure like I did.

    I agree, people have to do what works for them.

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Photo Set



I love Maks’ smile and I wanted to post these to prove that he’s had the “Meryl smile” long before he met Meryl. All these pics are before 2014.

I don’t understand why you are always the proverbial wet blanket about Maks and Meryl?   No offense intended, obviously you can post what you want, but I don’t get why you focus your attention to prove people wrong.  Just wondering.   

Besides, yes it’s a beautiful smile…it still isn’t a “Meryl” one.
If you don’t know, you don’t know… If you don’t see it, you don’t see it… There are plenty in each group that do/don’t. It’s all good, no ones hurting anybody. You do you, I’ll do me.

…but thank you for the beautiful pictures. I love looking at Maks.

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  • Question: OMG I also think there is only 2 rings!!! Finally someone who agrees with me lol. - Anonymous
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    Yay!  You might be the only one who agrees with me too!  We’ll be ring buddies ;)

    Iv always thought there was 2 lol the “rock” and the more wide looking band type one!😊☺️

    I agree, the rock and then the wide band Cantamessa looking ring - interchangeable on that one finger.  Think it is telling that that finger is never bare anymore.


    Yeah, I agree that I believe there are two rings.  An everyday flat (not obvious) ring, and a massive gorgeous rock that’s waiting for the right time for its permanent location.

    I’m a 2 ringer too. There is the rock and then the wide band, IMO.

    After the raceway pics, I also believe in two rings…but Maks could just like giving her things…she could have many. At this point, I still think two.

    …but I also think it’s pretty interesting that now she’s consistently wearing a ring on that finger, or that when she’s not just around friends and family, she hides it. Hmmm….

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WARNING: may cause heart palpitations! 








Sanks Evryboody, nice knowing you. RIP SAILORSUGARCOATEDPEACH.

Holy Moly! Didn’t realize there were more than the 3 on the bed! Whew, I’m gonna need to turn the AC up.

I have officially lost the ability to speak


Poof! I just went up in flames.

What a way to go.

What a lovely way to burn…

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All my friends from High School are having babies and getting married. I’m just laying in bed drinking Mountain Dew, giddy as fuck, listening to the Backstreet Boys. #ImAnAdult 


Me too, minus Mountain Dew

This is also my life, minus the Mountain Dew.

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Prepare to have your heart melt all over again…

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Reblog every time

Must. Reblog. Maksyl commandments so require.


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He only ever has that relaxed, peaceful look when he’s with her. It’s astonishing to me the difference in his face. Her effect on him is actually something physical that we can actually see. Think about that for a second. So rare.

A beautiful pic to be welcomed to when I opened tumblr on the tablet!
I am in love with them…that’s it. ❤️

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Tumblr Text Post - Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy Pride & Prejudice Edition

Feels in my heart, feels in my gut! You don’t even know!

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